This is the TJ's Survivor Series 2 official Application! This is where you get to apply and play Survivor against other creators and even TJ himself with his own new creations!

You may only apply if you see that the sign above says "APPLICATIONS OPEN!". If it says "APPLICATIONS CLOSED!", then any apps sent to TJ will not be accepted. Applications for the upcoming Survivor: Kermadec Islands will open when Episode 22 of Survivor: Final Showdown is uploaded near the end of November, assuming nothing slows down between now and then.

Depending on the season, I will accept the first eight, nine, or ten applications normally. It's first come first serve. Please keep that in mind. For Survivor: Kermadec Islands, I am looking for ten fan characters.


Name: Enter your character's FULL NAME here, including any nicknames.
Gender: Enter your character's GENDER here.
Age: Enter your character's AGE here. 16 or older can apply.
Job: Enter your character's JOB here.
Strengths: Enter your character's STRENGTHS in challenges and in the game.
Weaknesses: Enter your character's WEAKNESSES in challenges and in the game.
Physical Description: Enter your character's DESIGN here. I highly recommend using the site FaceYourManga to make your character. If you do not make one, I will make one for you using the description given.
Personality: Enter your character's PERSONALITY around camp and in the confessionals here.
Family: Enter your character's FAMILY. This will help determine who will visit in the event your character gets a letter, video, or visit from a loved one.
Quirks: Enter your character's QUIRKS. Things that make them stand out as a character.
Game Plan: Enter your character's GAME PLAN here. Basically, how they plan to play Survivor.
Player You Are Most Like: Enter the Survivor that your character is MOST LIKE. You may select a player from either the first series or the second series.

  • Please send your filled out application to one of the following places:
    • Send a personal message with your application to TJBambi93 on
    • Send a note with your application to HyperEspio on deviantART.
  • Depending on the type of season being cast, new areas may be added for you to fill out.


  • Your character must be a pure human. You may have disabilities like dwarfism, loss of limbs, deaf, blind, etc., but nothing overpowered or magical may be allowed.
  • It is strongly encouraged to create original characters for the series, but you are free to create a personified version of yourself to play the game.
  • You may not re-use old fan characters you have already submitted in the two Fans vs. Favorites seasons.
  • This series takes place 25 years after the end of Survivor: Final Showdown, so if you plan to create a character that is related to a fan from Fans vs. Favorites or Yoshi Desert, keep that in mind.
  • If you happen to submit a character before Applications Close, and the number of fan characters have been reached (8/9/10), your character will be moved to the next season.
  • Survivor is a game where not everyone will win. If you choose to be a poor sport because your character loses or goes home early, and complain about it, you will be banned from submitting another character. You will always have multiple opportunities to make new characters and try again!
  • You are allowed to ask any of the following to happen to your character if you so choose (won't always be guaranteed, however):
    • Be the first boot.
    • Be medivaced by illness or injury.
    • Quit
    • Be ejected.

More rules will be added as time goes on.

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