Betty Murphy
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Contestant Profile
Creator TJBambi93
Job Youtuber

Kermadec Islands

Tribes ██ Noete
██ Curtiss
Placement 2/20
Challenges Won 7
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 39

Betty Murphy is a contestant who appeared on Survivor: Kermadec Islands. She was created by TJBambi93. She placed 2nd.

Betty is known for being a quirky, strategic player who fought from the bottom of the pecking order in the original Noete tribe. She suffered some issues with anxiety, but managed to put those issues behind her as she played a strong strategic game. Despite a rivalry with Jason Hughes, she eventually found herself sitting next to him at the Final Tribal Council, and ended up losing by one vote.


Name: Betty Murphy
Tribe Designation: Noete
Age: 23
Occupation: Youtuber
Main Strength: Puzzles.
Main Weakness: Being awkward.
How You Will Become the Sole SURVIVOR: "I run a youtube channel full of fashion advice and vlogs about my latest nerd adventures. I'm not the typical girly girl, and many of my girlfriends have told me this. I'm going to try and play a good game from Day 1, and I'll try to keep myself from becoming a goat any way I know how. The last thing I want is to come home and be a laughing stock."

Survivor: Kermadec IslandsEdit

Betty's Voting History
Episode Betty's
Voted Against
1 Noete Tribe Immune
2 Luciana -
3 On Exile Island
4 Noete Tribe Immune
5 Stuart Darwin, Jermaine,
Jerry, Luciana, Stuart
6 Sian Tribe Immune
7 Darwin -
8 Jerry -
9 Yvette -
10 Charlie Charlie,
G.W., Jason
11 Jason -
12 G.W. -
Jason -
13 Jason;
14 Jermaine Jason, Jermaine
Jason Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
For Betty
Anna, Brian,
Jerry, Kris
Runner Up, Day 39

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