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Contestant Profile
Series Billy Hatcher

SEGA All Stars

Tribes ██ Emerald
██ Egg
Placement 5/16
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 33

Billy Hatcher is a human originating from Billy Hatcher, and a contestant on Survivor: SEGA All Stars. He placed 5th.

Survivor: SEGA All StarsEdit

Billy's Voting History
Episode Billy's
Voted Against
1 Emerald Tribe Immune
2 Emerald Tribe Immune
3 Tails -
4 Ulala Ulala
5 Emerald Tribe Immune
6 Mario -
7 Alex Kidd -
8 Junior -
9 No Tribal Council
Ryo -
10 Banjo -
11 Banjo Banjo, Beat,
Junior, Sonic
Voted Out, Day 33
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Billy is the first player to name one of the tribes in Survivor, since the name giver of Motoravu was never mentioned.
  • Billy appeared in Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites as part of a Survivor feast reward, along with several other previous players.
  • Billy was originally cast as a Favorite in Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites, but was cut in favor of the more interesting Amigo.
  • Billy was included on the poll for Survivor: Blood vs. Water. He got several votes, but he was far from the top percentages. His loved one would've been his sister, Rolly.

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