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    Hello guys, TJBambi93 here with a quick update for you guys. Now for the last several weeks, there hasn't been a new episode of Survivor: The Australian Highlands. Last we left off, Simon Freeman was voted off in a good blindside. I had a good episode planned...

    ...but of course, writer's block got in the way. The biggest question I asked myself... is what was causing my writer's block?

    At first, I thought it was distractions from Fire Emblem Heroes. But at the same time... I was playing that game during Kermadec Islands. So nothing has changed since then.

    Then I thought it was because of the latest real Survivor season; Game Changers. While I liked the winner, the season itself was... bleh to say the least. It did put a damper on my mood reg…

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  • TJBambi93

    Alpha Male Control Freak: America, Angry Video Game Nerd, Bender, Brian, Camofrog, Freddy Fazbear, Zod, Ghirahim, Issun, Jackle, Jet, John, King Dedede, Kory, Kris, Laharl, Lolo, Malcolm, Mario, Moses, Sweet Tooth, Nigel, Ren, Rizzo, Roy (BBG), Sektor, Shroobert, Slenderman, Trevor, Wolf

    Good ol' Boy: Alex Kidd, Bambi, Billy, Jacob, Jett, Lanky, Michael (EH), Peter Sam, Rayman, Sabastian, Shane (GH), Snap, Sunil

    Heisenberg: Duck, Galaxo, Glaceon, Muraki, Mordin, Raiden, Reala, Rheneas, Rob, Skarloey, Squidward, Stepney, Winslow

    John McLain: Amigo, Arlando, Banjo, Bomberman, Casey, Curtis, Cyrax, Daniel, Diddy, Douglas, Enoch, Ion, Gaston, Jacky, Jeff Probst, Jiro, JD, Kellam, Kenshi, Larry, Lobo (D), Mark, Marth, Marty, Matt (FvF), Maxwell, M…

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  • TJBambi93

    This is something you don't see from me very often; a blog post. Haha, well I decided that it was time to share with you all my Top 12 favorite characters to write for in 28 seasons of this series. 6 men and 6 women, and I did order them on preference as well.

    Coming in at Number 12 we have someone that I think many may have forgotten about. Zola who first appeared in Survivor: Forest Maze as the head honcho of the Mossono tribe. For me, this is the season that started to kick in the main female leads in my series. Zola was a take-no-nonsense kind of woman, and I wanted her to be the inspiration for future female leads coming next.

    For Zola, she was someone I wouldn't of min…

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