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Contestant Profile
Series Family Guy

Lake Hylia

Tribes ██ Kokoria
██ Majora
Placement 3/20
Challenges Won 11
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 39
"You know, Peter, I hate to say "I told you so" about not being a genius, but... EEEYEAH! IN YOUR #%#%ING FACE, %#%#WAD!... I'm... I'm sorry about that."
— Brian, Family Guy

Brian Griffin is a dog originating from Family Guy, and a contestant on Survivor: Lake Hylia. He placed 3rd.

Survivor: Lake HyliaEdit

Brian's Voting History
Episode Brian's
Voted Against
1 Kokoria Tribe Immune
2 Kokoria Tribe Immune
3 Annette Annette
4 Kokoria Tribe Immune
5 Kokoria Tribe Immune
6 Kokoria Tribe Immune
7 Kokoria Tribe Immune
8 Kokoria Tribe Immune
9 Shulk Individual Immunity
10 Shulk Individual Immunity
11 Lucina -
12 Braixen -
Greninja -
13 Greninja -
14 Greninja Greninja
Pac-Man Pac-Man
Jury Votes
For Brian
2nd Runner Up, Day 39


  • Brian, along with Braixen, are the fifth and sixth contestants to win every individual reward challenge in a season, theirs being Survivor: Lake Hylia. The first four were Skorbet, Bill, Dixie, and Martian Manhunter.
  • Brian was asked back for Survivor: Battle Royale, but he turned the offer down due to wanting to compete against newbies as opposed to all star players, feeling it would make for an easier game.
  • Brian is one of the men who did not move onto the secondary rounds of Survivor: Last Chances voting.

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