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Series Bubsy


Tribes ██ Matsing
Placement 17/18
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 3
"What could possibly go wrong?"
— Bubsy, Bubsy

Bubsy Bobcat is a bobcat originating from Bubsy, and a contestant on Survivor: Virmire. He placed 17th.

Survivor: VirmireEdit

Bubsy's Voting History
Episode Bubsy's
Voted Against
1 Niko Mordin, Niko,
Tails Doll, Thane
Voted Out, Day 3


  • Bubsy has gotten the least amount of screentime within an entire season, being in Virmire. He is tied with Olivier in Packers, and Rain in Edenia.
    • While Olivier and Rain have returned for future seasons, Bubsy has not.

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