Charles Miller
Charlie Icon
Contestant Profile
Creator TJBambi93
Job Hockey Player

Kermadec Islands

Tribes ██ Sian
██ Curtiss
Placement 10/20
Challenges Won 8
Votes Against 8
Days Lasted 26

Charles "Charlie" Miller is a contestant who appeared on Survivor: Kermadec Islands. He was created by TJBambi93. He placed 10th.

Charlie is the son of Emerald Hill winner Andrew.


Name: Charles "Charlie" Miller
Tribe Designation: Sian
Age: 23
Occupation: Hockey Player
Main Strength: Endurance.
Main Weakness: Manipulation.
How You Will Become the Sole SURVIVOR: "My father won this game years ago, and I know I can match his game to the best of my ability. I know I'm stronger than he is, but I just don't have it in me to play this game like a villain. I have to honor my family name and my team name 'Noble'. I'm a noble man, and I want to play like a hero any way I know how. Not only for my father, but also my deceased mother."

Survivor: Kermadec IslandsEdit

Charlie's Voting History
Episode Charlie's
Voted Against
1 Whitney -
2 Sian Tribe Immune
3 Sian Tribe Immune
4 Alec Alec, G.W.
5 Horace Individual Immunity
6 Blanche -
7 Noete Tribe Immune
8 Noete Tribe Immune
9 Kris Individual Immunity
10 Betty Betty, Blanche, Jermaine,
Jerry, Kris, Luciana
Voted Out, Day 26
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Out of all the new children of former players, Charlie is the only one that made an apperance as his own character in TJBambi93's original, non-aired, seasons as a major 3-time player. Since he never appeared in the first series, Charlie's character was re-worked into being Andrew's son.

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