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Contestant Profile
Series Street Fighter

Lake Hylia

Tribes ██ Gorunia
██ Majora
Placement 7/20
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 22 (11 on Veteran's Island)
"A loss like that leaves you no choice but to admit your own weakness!"
— Chun-Li, Street Fighter IV

Chun-Li is a human originating from Street Fighter, and a contestant on Survivor: Lake Hylia. She also participated in that season's Veteran's Island twist. She placed 7th.

She was pitted against Dr. Mario, Gardevoir, and Maxwell to win her way into the main game itself, which she did successfully, and became a full player.

Survivor: Lake HyliaEdit

Chun-Li's Voting History
Episode Chun-Li's
Voted Against
1 On Veteran's Island
5 Gorunia Tribe Immune
6 Sheegwa Sheegwa
7 Ghirahim Ghirahim
8 Gorunia Tribe Immune
9 Shulk -
10 Shulk -
11 Foxy -
12 Trevor -
Greninja Aladdin, Greninja,
Lucina, Pac-Man
Voted Out, Day 33
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Chun-Li was promised a spot on Survivor: Beach Bowl Galaxy if she did not win Veteran's Island, with her boyfriend Ryu. She and Gardevoir were the only Veteran's Island players in Lake Hylia to agree to a Blood vs. Water season if they lost.

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