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Contestant Profile
Series Lady & the Tramp

Blood vs. Water

Tribes ██ Tadhana
██ Galaxy
Placement 2/20
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 39

Yoshi Desert

Tribes ██ Bikal
██ Conflantur
Placement 2/20
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 1
Days Lasted 39

Danielle's Statistics

Challenges Won 12
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 78
Prize $ Earned $200,000
"I bet he gets a slipper right across his great, big, fat.... um.. hehe.. We really do miss him, Mom."
— Danielle, Lady and the Tramp 2

Danielle is a dog originating from Lady & the Tramp, and a contestant on Survivor: Blood vs. Water and Survivor: Yoshi Desert. She placed 2nd both times she's played.

Danielle is known for being the daughter of three time player Lady, and competed with her on Blood vs. Water. While she played the role of a coat tail rider, she did try to make some of her own moves in both seasons she played the game. She was also one of the best social players to play the game, forming strong bonds with players like Dixie, Ion, Mickey, and Applejack. She is also one of the author's favorite players.

Survivor: Blood vs. WaterEdit

Danielle's Voting History
Episode Danielle's
Voted Against
1 Gage Ion, Lucian
Tadhana Tribe Immune
2 Gage -
3 Tadhana Tribe Immune
4 Christian Christian
5 Gage -
6 Kitana Diddy, Kitana
7 Galang Tribe Immune
8 Katherine Individual Immunity
9 Sunil -
Sunil -
10 Pepper -
11 Sindel -
12 Daisy -
13 Will -
14 Ion -
Anise Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
For Danielle
Sindel, Sunil
Runner Up, Day 39

Survivor: Yoshi DesertEdit

Danielle's Voting History
Episode Danielle's
Voted Against
1 Bikal Tribe Immune
2 Soi Fon -
3 Light -
4 Bikal Tribe Immune
5 Daisy -
6 Angel -
7 Gota Tribe Immune
8 Josiah -
9 Josiah Individual Immunity
10 Link -
11 Rosalina -
12 Casey -
13 Fiona -
Applejack -
14 Soi Fon -
15 Maria Individual Immunity
Jake Jake
Jury Votes
For Danielle
Casey, Maria
Runner Up, Day 39


  • Danielle is the youngest contestant on the Tadhana tribe, the Galaxy tribe, the Bikal tribe, and the Conflantur tribe. She is also the youngest overall on both Survivor: Blood vs. Water and Survivor: Yoshi Desert.
  • Danielle's older sister, Annette, was a contestant on Survivor: Lake Hylia.
  • Danielle is one of six players to make the Final Tribal Council twice, along with Beat, Andrew, Raine, Lucina, and En-Tee-I.
  • Danielle has made it to the Final 4 every time she's played the game. She shares this with Banjo, En-Tee-I, Etna, Lucina, Natalie, Raine, and Stephen.
    • Along with En-Tee-I, Etna, Lucina, and Raine, Danielle also made it to the Final 3 both times. Behind En-Tee-I, she has the second best record.
  • Danielle is one of seventeen potential returnees for Battle Royale whom got zero support to return. The others were Ashton, Bill & Ben, Daisy, Diddy, Edward, Ermac, Felicia, Gum, Joe Musashi, Light, Marth, Rosalina, Smoke, Trevor, and Zod.
  • Danielle originally made the Top 30 for Survivor: Last Chances, but she was cut by the fans in order to make room for Waterfall contestants, and re-try pollers.
  • Danielle was deemed the third Most Popular Player out of the loved ones in Survivor: Blood vs. Water.
  • Danielle was nominated for Best Female Hero in the second TJ Awards Show. She received 13% of the votes.
  • Danielle, along with the rest of the Triple D's, were nominated for Best Alliance / Duo in the second TJ Awards Show. They received 10% of the votes.
  • Danielle appeared in Colbyleebrown's Survivor: Gongaga Forest, along with several other runner ups from the series. She ultimately won the show.

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