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Contestant Profile
Series Mortal Kombat


Tribes ██ Outworld
██ Deception
Placement 6/18
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 8
Days Lasted 37
"Our creator, Shao Kahn, is dead. We will serve whom we choose."
— Ermac, Mortal Kombat X

Ermac is a fusion of souls originating from Mortal Kombat, and a contestant on Survivor: Edenia. He placed 6th.

Survivor: EdeniaEdit

Ermac's Voting History
Episode Ermac's
Voted Against
1 Rain -
Noob -
2 Quan Chi Quan Chi
3 Outworld Tribe Immune
4 Kano -
5 Outworld Tribe Immune
6 Sektor -
7 No Vote
8 AVGN -
Smoke -
9 AVGN -
10 Raiden AVGN,
Nightwolf, Raiden
11 Nightwolf AVGN, Nightwolf,
Smoke, Sub-Zero
Voted Out, Day 33
12 In Redemption Island
Lost Duel, Day 37
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Ermac was one of six players who got zero support during the Yoshi Desert favorite selection process. The others included Bill & Ben, Gum, Raiden, and Smoke.
    • In addition, he once again got zero support to return for Battle Royale.
  • Ermac is the first contestant to refer himself by 'we', 'our', and 'us', due to being a fusion of soul; aka many people. One of those people happen to be King Jerrod, who is Sindel's husband.

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