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Contestant Profile
Series Tales of Legendia


Tribes ██ Kalabaw
██ Dang-Sing
Placement 6/18
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 34

Last Chances

Tribes ██ Tagong
Placement 23/24
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 8
Days Lasted 5

Grune's Statistics

Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 14
Days Lasted 39
Prize $ Earned $15,000
"Oh, come now. Let's not worry about little things, okay? They're... little."
— Grune, Tales of Legendia

Grune is a human originating from Tales of Legendia, and a contestant on Survivor: Virmire, and Survivor: Last Chances. She placed 6th and 23rd respectively.

Grune is known for being one of the most happy and carefree Survivors to ever play the game. She was all smiles, and didn't seem bothered by anything that happened. Even when Moses turned on her and voted her off, she was still happy and held no regrets or bitterness.

Survivor: VirmireEdit

Grune's Voting History
Episode Grune's
Voted Against
1 Duncan Duncan
2 Javik Javik
3 N. Critic -
4 Tandang Tribe Immune
5 No Tribal Council
Niko -
6 Mordin -
7 Senel -
8 Gordon -
9 Thane -
10 N. Critic Kasumi, Mordin,
Moses, N. Critic
Voted Out, Day 34
Voted For
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Last ChancesEdit

Grune's Voting History
Episode Grune's
Voted Against
1 Tagong Tribe Immune
2 Eric Eric, Etna, J'onn, Jake,
Kellam, Monita, Toriel, Zola
Voted Out, Day 5


  • Grune was set to appear on Survivor: Ultimates, but was cut last minute for unknown reasons.
  • Grune was included on the Survivor: Prison Island poll to return to the game. She ended up getting 4th in her category, against Kasumi, Presea, and Sindel.
  • Grune was deemed the third Most Popular Player of Survivor: Virmire.
  • Grune appeared in CrazyPackersFan's Survivor: Tropical Jungle, along with several other players from the series. She placed 2nd.
  • Grune appeared in TJBambi93's non-canon season of Survivor: Frog Forest, alongside other players needing a second chance. This is her second non-canon season. She placed 3rd overall.

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