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Contestant Profile
Series Full Metal Jacket

Redemption Island

Tribes ██ Hapino
Placement 16/18
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 12

Destiny Isles

Tribes ██ Salani
Placement 13/20
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 0
Days Lasted 17

Hartman's Statistics

Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 29
Prize $ Earned $7,500
"Are you quitting on me? Well, are you? Then quit, you slimy #%$#ing walrus-looking piece of #$%#! Get the #$%# off of my obstacle! Get the #$%$ down off of my obstacle! NOW! MOVE IT!"
— Hartman, Full Metal Jacket

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman is a human originating from Full Metal Jacket, and a contestant on Survivor: Redemption Island and Survivor: Destiny Isles. He placed 16th and 13th respectively.

Hartman is known for his explosive, demanding leadership skills during his first season. Although in Destiny Isles he toned down his personality, he still ended up being ejected due to rule violation, being the first, and so far only, person to do so. He was also the first castaway to pass away.

Survivor: Redemption IslandEdit

Hartman's Voting History
Episode Hartman's
Voted Against
1 Hapino Tribe Immune
2 Ren -
3 Hapino Tribe Immune
4 Squidward En-Tee-I, Fluttershy, JD,
Kratos, No-Face, Raine, Squidward
Voted Out, Day 11
5 In Redemption Island
Lost Duel, Day 12

Survivor: Destiny IslesEdit

Hartman's Voting History
Episode Hartman's
Voted Against
1 Salani Tribe Immune
2 Salani Tribe Immune
3 Salani Tribe Immune
4 Leafeon -
5 Urcle -
6 Vixey -
7 No Tribal Council
Ejected, Day 17

Post-Survivor EpilogueEdit

After Destiny Isles, Hartman retired from the army, and lived with his family for the remainder of his days. Old as a fossil, his heart failed out on him, and he passed away.


  • Hartman is the oldest contestant on both the Hapino tribe, and the Salani tribe. He is also the oldest overall in both Survivor: Redemption Island and Survivor: Destiny Isles.
  • Hartman is the lowest ranked Redemption Island returnee.
  • Despite being ejected from the game, Hartman did not have his prize money or stipends revoked, compared to the likes of Sektor or Jason Voorhees.
  • Hartman is the first previous contestant to pass away. Although, his death was confirmed months later, after the death of Marble contestant Karrington.

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