Jason Hughes
Jason H Icon
Contestant Profile
Creator Pout123
Job College Student

Kermadec Islands

Tribes ██ Sian
██ Curtiss
Placement Winner
Challenges Won 10
Votes Against 10
Days Lasted 39

Jason Hughes is a contestant who became the winner of Survivor: Kermadec Islands. He was created by Pout123. He placed 1st.

Jason was known for being considered a triple threat throughout his season. However, his brains he kept under the radar, and only proved himself in strength and social game. However, half way through the game, he formed a rivalry with Betty Murphy, with the two constantly at one another's throats. Their attempts failed, and they sat next to one another at the Final Tribal Council. Jason's stronger game awarded him the votes to become the first winner of the new series.


Name: Jason Hughes
Tribe Designation: Sian
Age: 20
Occupation: College Student / Basketball Player
Main Strength: Strength.
Main Weakness: Too Threatening.
How You Will Become the Sole SURVIVOR: "I plan to use my sense of humor as a way of forming relationships and building trust with the other castaways. In the challenges, I will usually try my hardest unless I really feel like I need to throw it. I wouldn't be completely against throwing a post merge challenge to keep myself from appearing as too much of a threat. If there's someone else in the cast that could be considered nerdy, I would probably feel comfortable dropping a video game reference or two in order to make an ally."

Survivor: Kermadec IslandsEdit

Jason's Voting History
Episode Jason's
Voted Against
1 Whitney -
2 Sian Tribe Immune
3 Sian Tribe Immune
4 Anna -
5 Horace -
6 Sian Tribe Immune
7 Darwin -
8 Anna -
9 Yvette -
10 Betty -
11 Jerry Betty, Jerry,
Kris, Luciana
12 Kris Individual Immunity
Blanche Betty, Blanche,
Brian, Jermaine, Kris
13 Brian;
Brian, Kris;
Betty, Kris
14 Betty Individual Immunity
Kris Betty
Jury Votes
For Jason
Blanche, Charlie,
G.W., Jermaine, Yvette
Sole Survivor, Day 39

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