Jeff Probst
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Series Survivor


Tribes ██ Ruchong
Placement 19/20
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 5
"The tribe has spoken."
— Jeff Probst, Survivor

Jeff Probst is the host of Survivor. He has hosted every single episode of the real show, as well as all but one episode and one entire season of the first series written by TJBambi93. He returns to host in the second series, drinking an Elixir of Life potion to return to a younger age.

He also made an appearance as a real contestant on Survivor: Singapore, while winner Ben hosted the season. He placed 19th.

While other Survivor writers tend to write Jeff Probst as a woman-hating, man-loving type of guy, TJBambi93 gives little to no personality for Jeff, as his job is to merely host. He does have his favorite players within the series; of both genders. He is also not the Executive Producer of the series like he is on the real show.

Survivor: SingaporeEdit

Jeff's Voting History
Episode Jeff's
Voted Against
1 Sakano -
2 Sorlag Deadpool, P.G. Peach,
Pinkie Pie, Sorlag, Trevor
Voted Out, Day 5


  • Jeff is the second real person to compete on Survivor. The first was Gordon Ramsay, and he would later be joined by Jonathan Penner.
  • Jeff worked along side Survivor winner Mordin to design an amiibo to play Survivor. This amiibo would turn out to be Trinity.
  • Jeff was deemed the Most Popular Player in Survivor: Singapore. He would move onto the Top 22.
  • Jeff is the 350th person to be voted off Survivor, after his elimination in Episode 2 of Survivor: Singapore.

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