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Jeff the Killer
Jeff the Killer Icon.jpg
Contestant Profile
Series Creepypasta

Prison Island

Tribes ██ Zeusch (1, 3, 4, 5)
Ontar (2, 6, 7, 8, 9)
Placement 4/21
Challenges Won 7
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 38
"Shh... Go to Sleep."
— Jeff the Killer, Creepypasta

Jeffrey 'Jeff the Killer' Woods (known as Jacques on the island) is a human originating from Creepypasta, and a contestant on Survivor: Prison Island. He placed 4th.

Jeff the Killer was known for his very creepy persona and hiding his scarred face with dark glasses and a scarf. He was mostly a follower in his alliance, but caused the evacuation of Skarlet in order to better his position in the alliance. His prize money was revoked after he confessed.

Survivor: Prison Island

Jeff the Killer's Voting History
Episode Jeff's
Voted Against
Jeff the Killer
1 Zeusch Tribe Immune
2 Minka -
3 Zeusch Tribe Immune
4 Freddy -
5 Scorpion -
6 Knuckles -
7 NiGHTS -
8 No Tribal Council
No-Face -
9 Ontar Tribe Immune
10 In Prison Island
11 Diddy -
12 Midna Individual Immunity
13 Midna -
14 Bill -
Rarity Batgirl,
Pepper, Rarity
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Jeff the Killer is the first player whose confessionals were kept mostly hidden until the big reveal. Greninja would become the second player 7 seasons later.
  • It was revealed after the airing of Prison Island that Jeff had been responsible for Skarlet's evacuation, stabbing her with the scorpion stinger. Cameras did not capture this on footage, as Jeff had been hiding in the bushes. Jeff apologized for the incident and, after talking with the producers, had to gave up half his prize money to Skarlet, and the other half to charity.
  • Jeff the Killer is one of three players to have their prize money and stipends revoked due to breaking the rules. The other players are Sektor and Jason Voorhees. Unlike them, however, he still attended the reunion.
  • Jeff the Killer was largely requested for Survivor: Yoshi Desert, however, producers felt repulsed by him, largely in due to the incident with Skarlet. Due to being highly requested, he was replaced with Kattlelox Island player Bowser.
  • Jeff the Killer was offered a second shot for Survivor: Battle Royale after much fan demand. However, despite giving him the call, there was never an official response from Jeff. He was likely later cut when Skarlet agreed to come back.
  • Jeff the Killer took part in every reward during Survivor: Prison Island.
  • Jeff the Killer is one of four contestants who have at least two different photos due to appearance changes. The other three are Flareon, Jack, and Sub-Zero.

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