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Contestant Profile
Series N/A

Green Hill

Tribes ██ Moto
██ Motoravu
Placement 3/20
Challenges Won 11
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 39

Last Chances

Tribes ██ Pagi
██ Friendship?
Placement 4/24
Challenges Won 9
Votes Against 8
Days Lasted 38

Jess' Statistics

Challenges Won 20
Votes Against 11
Days Lasted 77
Prize $ Earned $75,000

Jessica 'Jess' Bradley is a human who appeared as a contestant on Survivor: Green Hill, and Survivor: Last Chances. She placed 3rd and 4th respectively.


Name: Jess B.
Tribe Designation: Moto
Current Residence: Naperville, Illinois
Occupation: Model
Personal Claim to Fame: Just barely making the finals of Miss Teen Illinois a few years ago. Even though I didn't win, it gave me a lot of confidence to know that I'm that good to make it that far in a competition.
Inspiration in Life: My older brother. He puts up with a lot in life. He gets bullied a lot, but he doesn't let it break him. He's tough, and shows it a lot. I love him so much for it.
Hobbies: Dancing, going out on dates, and trying out new things.
Pet Peeves: Fake people, ugly clothing, and lazy people.
3 Words to Describe You: Pretty, petite, and sly.
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I might be a model, but I want to rough it out with the boys in Survivor. There's not many girls applying for the show, so like, to be one of the few girls playing shows that I have a lot to prove.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I think I can float well under the radar, and go pretty far into the game if I keep my composure and try hard.

Survivor: Green HillEdit

Jess' Voting History
Episode Jess'
Voted Against
1 Michelle -
2 Moto Tribe Immune
3 Moto Tribe Immune
4 Jalen -
5 Moto Tribe Immune
6 Junior Ben,
Junior, Michelle
7 Marcus -
8 Moto Tribe Immune
9 Kevin -
10 Curtis -
11 Michelle -
12 Ben Individual Immunity
13 Daniel -
14 Jordan Individual Immunity
15 Jordan -
Will Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
For Jess
Anthony, Ben
Second Runner Up, Day 39

Survivor: Last ChancesEdit

Jess' Voting History
Episode Jess'
Voted Against
1 Freddy -
2 Pagi Tribe Immune
3 Pagi Tribe Immune
4 Tagong Tribe Immune
5 Freya -
6 Tagong Tribe Immune
7 Monita Jake,
Monita, Toriel
8 Pagi Tribe Immune
9 S. Tooth -
10 J'onn -
11 Dr. Mario -
12 Zola Individual Immunity
13 Shulk -
14 Etna Used Special
Immunity Idol
Jake Deadpool, Etna,
Jake, S. Tooth, Zola
15 S. Tooth Individual Immunity
16 S. Tooth Etna, S. Tooth
Deadpool Cyrano,
Deadpool, Etna
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Jess made a cameo appearance in Survivor: Battle Royale as part of an All-Star challenge. Her team won the challenge.
  • Jess turned down an offer to appear on Survivor: All-Stars, having no interest in playing again right away.
  • Jess was included on the Survivor: Prison Island poll to return to the game. She ended up getting 2nd in her category, against Etna, Midna, and Rachel.
  • Jess was nominated for Best Female Hero in the third TJ Awards Show. She received 0% of the votes.

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