Joe Musashi
Joe Musashi Icon
Contestant Profile
Series Shinobi

Kattlelox Island

Tribes ██ Sega
██ Segcomendo
Placement 3/18
Challenges Won 9
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 39

Joe Musashi is a human originating from Shinobi, and a contestant on Survivor: Kattlelox Island. He placed 3rd.

Joe Musashi was known for being Reala's best ally. As a ninja, he gained various amounts of information, as well as being the only one prior to the Final Tribal Council who knew about Reala's secret powers. He was not received well by the jury, despite his strong defense to his gameplay.

Survivor: Kattlelox IslandEdit

Joe Musashi's Voting History
Episode Joe M.'s
Voted Against
Joe Musashi
1 Sega Tribe Immune
2 Sega Tribe Immune
3 Sega Tribe Immune
4 Sega Tribe Immune
5 Vyse -
6 No Tribal Council
7 Wave -
8 Phoenix -
9 Rosalina -
10 Marth Bowser,
Link, Marth
11 Bowser Bowser
12 Morrigan -
13 Link Individual Immunity
Amaterasu -
Jury Votes
For Joe M.
2nd Runner Up, Day 39


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