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Contestant Profile
Series Bleach


Tribes ██ Sango
Placement 11/16
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 18
"Blah blah blah! You're noisy! Just come on and fight already. It's best if all four of you come together. If you four surround me and attack at once, maybe one of you will actually wound me."
— Kenpachi, Bleach

Kenpachi Zaraki is a human originating from Bleach, and a contestant on Survivor: Packers. He placed 11th.

He is a guest character from Survivor: Seireitei Forest and Survivor: Hueco Mundo.

Survivor: PackersEdit

Kenpachi's Voting History
Episode Kenpachi's
Voted Against
1 Olivier -
2 Cato -
3 Sango Tribe Immune
4 Ichigo -
5 Cynthia -
6 Cynthia Ami,
Cynthia, Shinji
Voted Out, Day 18


  • Kenpachi is the oldest contestant on the Sango tribe, and is also the oldest overall on Survivor: Packers.

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