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Contestant Profile
Series Mario Bros.

Koopa Beach

Tribes ██ Off-Beats
Placement 11/20
Challenges Won 9
Votes Against 0
Days Lasted 23

Lolo is an electro blooper who appeared as a contestant on Survivor: Koopa Beach. He placed 11th. He was created by Kyogreperson.

Lolo became the series' first overall quitter, after accepting a bribe of money but at the expense of being eliminated from the game.

Survivor: Koopa BeachEdit

Lolo's Voting History
Episode Lolo's
Voted Against
1 Off-Beats Tribe Immune
2 Off-Beats Tribe Immune
3 Etruskan Tribe Immune
4 Milana -
5 Etruskan Tribe Immune
6 Ivan -
7 Etruskan Tribe Immune
8 Urcle -
9 No Vote
Bribed, Day 23
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Lolo is one of five players who have never had their names written down at tribal council, either for or against. The other four are Pinkie Pie, Pudding, Rebecca, and Sam.
  • Lolo lasted the longest out of all four quitters before he quit; Day 23.

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