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Contestant Profile
Series Mario Bros

SEGA All Stars

Tribes ██ Emerald
Placement 11/16
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 18

Mario is a human originating from Mario, and a contestant on Survivor: SEGA All Stars. He placed 11th.

Mario is the first "guest character" in the series, originally appearing in Champ 15's first Survivor season; Survivor: Keelhaul Key.

Survivor: SEGA All StarsEdit

Mario's Voting History
Episode Mario's
Voted Against
1 Emerald Tribe Immune
2 Emerald Tribe Immune
3 Tails -
4 Ulala -
5 Emerald Tribe Immune
6 Jacky Amigo, Billy,
Jacky, Knuckles
Voted Out, Day 18


  • Mario was strongly considered to return as a Nintendo representative in Survivor: Kattlelox Island, however, producers cut the idea, thinking it was time for new blood.
  • Mario appeared in CrazyPackersFan's Survivor: Tropical Jungle, along with several other players from the series. This marks his second appearance as a guest character. He placed 16th.

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