Martian Manhunter
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Contestant Profile
Series DC Comics


Tribes ██ Ruchong
██ Jiamaoru
Placement 5/20
Challenges Won 10
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 37

Last Chances

Tribes ██ Tagong
██ Friendship?
Placement 13/24
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 8
Days Lasted 21

Martian Manhunter's Statistics

Challenges Won 16
Votes Against 12
Days Lasted 58
Prize $ Earned $25,000
"I know what I experienced was an illusion, but it felt so real. The urge to embrace it was more than I could bear. Sometimes I believe I would do anything to see my loved ones again. You can't imagine how that feels."
— Martian Manhunter, Justice League

J'onn J'onzz (Also referred to as the Martian Manhunter) is a martian originating from DC Comics, and a contestant on Survivor: Singapore, and Survivor: Last Chances. He placed 5th and 13th respectively.

The Martian Manhunter was known for his ability to transform into other players, and pretend to be them to gain information, much like Reala in a sense. Compared to Reala, J'onn used his information for good purposes rather then evil, and managed to destroy an entire alliance one by one.

Survivor: SingaporeEdit

Martian Manhunter's Voting History
Episode J'onn's
Voted Against
Martian Manhunter
1 Sakano -
2 Sorlag -
3 Ruchong Tribe Immune
4 Deadpool -
5 Jiachong Tribe Immune
6 P.G. Peach -
7 Jiachong Tribe Immune
8 Trevor -
9 Deadpool -
10 Orbb -
11 Hyde Individual Immunity
12 Issun -
Felicia Individual Immunity
13 Zatanna Individual Immunity
14 Gadget Gadget, Glaceon,
Serena, Zatanna
Voted Out, Day 37
Voted For
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Last ChancesEdit

Martian Manhunter's Voting History
Episode J'onn's
Voted Against
Martian Manhunter
1 Tagong Tribe Immune
2 Grune -
3 Midna -
4 Tagong Tribe Immune
5 Freya -
6 Tagong Tribe Immune
7 Tagong Tribe Immune
8 Freya -
9 Lobo -
10 Cyrano Cyrano, Deadpool, Dr. Mario, Etna,
Jess, Juli, Shulk, S. Tooth
Voted Out, Day 21
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Martian Manhunter is the oldest member on both the Jiachong tribe, and the Jiamaoru tribe.
  • Martian Manhunter is the fouth contestant to win every individual reward challenge in a season, his being Survivor: Singapore. The first three were Skorbet, Bill, and Dixie. They would later be joined by Braixen and Brian.
  • Martian Manhunter made a cameo appearance in Survivor: Battle Royale as part of an All-Star challenge. His team lost the challenge.
  • Martian Manhunter was asked back for Survivor: Battle Royale, but he declined saying that he got what he wanted out of Survivor, and had no purpose to return.
  • Martian Manhunter was nominated for Best Male Hero in the second TJ Awards Show. He received 18% of the votes.

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