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Contestant Profile
Series Full Metal Alchemist


Tribes ██ Sango
Placement 16/16
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 3

Unfinished Business

Tribes ██ Espada
Placement 15/18
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 12

Olivier's Statistics

Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 8
Days Lasted 15
Prize $ Earned $5,500
"Love for the dead is pointless. We fight to keep them alive, that is all."
— Olivier, Full Metal Alchemist

Olivier Armstrong is a human originating from Full Metal Alchemist, and a contestant on Survivor: Packers and Survivor: Unfinished Business. She placed 16th and 15th respectively.

She is a guest character from Survivor: Xing.

Survivor: PackersEdit

Olivier's Voting History
Episode Olivier's
Voted Against
1 Loly Canada, Cato,
Ichigo, Kenpachi, Loly
Voted Out, Day 3

Survivor: Unfinished BusinessEdit

Olivier's Voting History
Episode Olivier's
Voted Against
1 Ulala -
2 Espada Tribe Immune
3 Espada Tribe Immune
Quan Chi, Vyse
Voted Out, Day 12


  • Olivier is the lowest ranked Packers returnee.
  • Olivier has appeared in the least amount of episodes out of all female returning players, appearing in only 5 episodes. She is currently tied with Jack and Ulala.
  • Olivier has the lowest amount of challenge wins for a returning player. She's currently tied with Shadow.
  • Olivier has gotten the least amount of screentime within an entire season, being in Packers. She is tied with Bubsy in Virmire, and Rain in Edenia.
  • Olivier is one of eight players to be voted off first in one season, yet return for another season. She shares this trait with Barney, Beat, Bree, Jared, Rain, Will, and Zod. She also, so far, is the only one to not make the merge.

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