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Contestant Profile
Series Survivor

Pirate Lagoon

Tribes ██ Humaria
Placement 13/21
Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 19

Jonathan Penner is a human originating from Survivor, and a contestant on Survivor: Pirate Lagoon. He placed 13th.

Penner is known for being the first ever real Survivor contestant to play in this series. He's a guest character from Survivor: Cook Islands.

Survivor: Pirate LagoonEdit

Penner's Voting History
Episode Penner's
Voted Against
1 Mawile Ineligible
Spinelli Spinelli, Tanya
2 Humaria Tribe Immune
3 Humaria Tribe Immune
4 Tanya -
5 Robotok Tribe Immune
6 Springtrap -
7 Arcee -
8 BB BB, Cyrax,
Jenny, Littlefoot
Voted Out, Day 19


  • Penner is the oldest member on the Humaria tribe, and the oldest overall in Survivor: Pirate Lagoon.
  • Penner is the third real person to play on Survivor, following Gordon Ramsay and Jeff Probst.

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