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Contestant Profile
Series Tales of Symphonia

Redemption Island

Tribes ██ Hapino
██ Thumper
Placement 9/18
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 31
"...I’m sorry. I...lost the will to atone for my crimes by taking comfort in the feeling of being punished. Death is not punishment. Punishment is living with one’s crime and working to atone for it."
— Regal, Tales of Symphonia

Regal Bryant is a human originating from Tales of Symphonia, and a contestant on Survivor: Redemption Island. He placed 9th.

Survivor: Redemption IslandEdit

Regal's Voting History
Episode Regal's
Voted Against
1 Hapino Tribe Immune
2 Kazooie -
3 Hapino Tribe Immune
4 Nokowawa Tribe Immune
5 Bomberman Bambi, Banjo,
Bomberman, R. Dash, Sam
6 Nokowawa Tribe Immune
7 Nokowawa Tribe Immune
8 Banjo Individual Immunity
9 Banjo -
Banjo -
10 Kratos -
11 No-Face Bambi, Banjo,
JD, Kratos, No-Face
Voted Out, Day 30
12 In Redemption Island
Lost Duel, Day 31
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Regal is the only contestant to be added to the cast after Episode 1 had already aired. He replaced a low key OC made by TJBambi93 who didn't make much of an impact, which made the change easier.
  • Regal is one of the men who did not move onto the secondary rounds of Survivor: Last Chances voting.

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