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Contestant Profile
Series Hetalia

Forest Maze

Tribes ██ Volt
Placement 12/16
Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 15
"When I look into all of your stupid faces, I think of how much fun it will be to pound them into dust."
— Russia, Hetalia: Axis Powers

Ivan 'Russia' Braginski is a nation/human originating from Hetalia, and a contestant on Survivor: Forest Maze. He placed 12th.

Survivor: Forest MazeEdit

Russia's Voting History
Episode Russia's
Voted Against
1 Barney Barney, Wooldoor
2 Wooldoor -
3 Volt Tribe Immune
4 Volt Tribe Immune
5 Duck Duck,
Yuri, Zaeed
Voted Out, Day 15


  • Russia appeared in CrazyPackersFan's Survivor: Tropical Jungle, along with several other players from the series. He placed 14th.

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