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Contestant Profile
Series Mario Bros.

Koopa Beach

Tribes ██ Populars
██ Spectrum
Placement Winner
Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 0
Days Lasted 39

Final Showdown

Tribes ██ Heicheu
Placement 30/32
Challenges Won 1
Votes Against 8
Days Lasted 7

Samantha's Statistics

Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 8
Days Lasted 46
Prize $ Earned $1,000,000

Samantha is a birdo who was the winner of Survivor: Koopa Beach. She later appeared on Survivor: Final Showdown. She placed 1st and 30th respectively. She was created by ChrisMSMB.

Samantha was well known for being the series' first female winner and first winner to have no votes cast against her during the game. Despite a somewhat jealous attitude, she was friends with the major villain Nack, and after his boot, she became willing to stab her friends in the back, although one of them praised her for her wits. With his vote, she was crowned the Sole Survivor.

Survivor: Koopa Beach[]

Samantha's Voting History
Episode Samantha's
Voted Against
1 Populars Tribe Immune
2 Populars Tribe Immune
3 Penny -
4 Jock Tribe Immune
5 Shirly -
6 River -
7 Jasmine -
8 Jock Tribe Immune
9 No Vote
Jock Tribe Immune
10 Alice -
11 Amethyst -
12 Britney -
13 Rachel -
14 Skorbet -
Roy -
Jury Votes
For Samantha
Nack, Roy,
Shroobert, Urcle
Sole Survivor, Day 39

Survivor: Final Showdown[]

Samantha's Voting History
Episode Samantha's
Voted Against
1 Heicheu Tribe Immune
2 Rain Rain, Reala
3 Jiro Aladdin, Beat, Cousteau,
Jiro, Littlefoot, Reala
Voted Out, Day 7
Lost Duel, Day 7


  • Samantha is the first winner to win the game without any votes cast against her.
  • Samantha, along with Aladdin, Dongwa, Jiro, Karrington, Marge, Raine, Serena, Soi Fon, and Sub-Zero, made it to Day 39 without any votes cast against her. She is also the first winner to do so.
  • Samantha is the only player to ever place 30th.
  • Samantha was originally cast for Survivor: Ultimates during it's early development, but did not make the cut due to format changing.
  • Samantha was deemed the Most Popular Player of Survivor: Koopa Beach.
  • Samantha was eliminated in the third and final poll for Best Survivor Winner in the first TJ Award Show.
  • Samantha appeared in CrazyPackersFan's Survivor: Tropical Jungle, along with several other players from the series. This was her first Survivor appearance since her win in Koopa Beach, and takes on the role of coach.

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