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Sherry Brady
Sherry Icon.png
Contestant Profile
Creator TJBambi93
Job Wine Taster

Australian Highlands

Tribes ██ Prusol
Placement 15/16
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 6

Sherry Brady is a contestant who appeared on Survivor: Australian Highlands. She was created by TJBambi93. She placed 15th.


Name: Sherry Brady
Tribe Designation: Prusol
Age: 45
Occupation: Wine Taster
Main Strength: Social skills.
Main Weakness: Being loud at times.
How You Will Become the Sole SURVIVOR: "I'm perky, I'm crazy, and I'll do anything to play Survivor! I've lost bets that you wouldn't ever believe! Notice that I'm bald? Yeah, lost a bet when a wine I loved so much ended production. I know how to talk up a storm, and get people talking about the latest gossip! Not to mention I got some strength in these old bones! Don't underestimate me!"

Survivor: Australian Highlands[]

Sherry's Voting History
Episode Sherry's
Voted Against
1 Holli -
2 Dustin Dylan, G-Money,
Gretch, Nicholas
Voted Out, Day 6


  • Sherry originally applied for Survivor Kermadec Islands, but was cut in favor of Blanche Hogan.

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