Skarloey Icon
Contestant Profile
Series Thomas & Friends

Beach Bowl Galaxy

Tribes ██ Coyopa
██ Mehtpleh
Placement 8/20
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 30

Skarloey is a narrow gauge engine originating from Thomas & Friends, and a contestant on Survivor: Beach Bowl Galaxy. He placed 8th.

Survivor: Beach Bowl GalaxyEdit

Skarloey's Voting History
Episode Skarloey's
Voted Against
1 Roy -
2 Crash -
3 Coyopa Tribe Immune
4 Kuki -
5 Iggy -
6 Drake -
7 Aloe -
8 No Tribal Council
Miriel -
9 Gallade -
10 Miriel -
11 Coco Bonnie, Coco,
Freddy, Gardevoir, Wally
Voted Out, Day 30
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Skarloey is the oldest member on both the Coyopa tribe, and the Mehtpleh tribe. He is also the oldest overall in Survivor: Beach Bowl Galaxy.
  • Skarloey, like all the other Thomas characters, is depicted as a human on the show.
  • Skarloey, according to Duncan, was offered a spot on Survivor: Virmire.
  • Skarloey is one of the men who did not move onto the secondary rounds of Survivor: Last Chances voting.
  • Skarloey, along with the rest of United Union W, were nominated for Best Alliance / Duo in the third TJ Awards Show. They received 0% of the votes.
  • Skarloey was nominated for Best Blindside in the third TJ Awards Show, based on his blindside in Episode 11 of Beach Bowl Galaxy. He received 0% of the votes.

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