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Contestant Profile
Series Recess

Pirate Lagoon

Tribes ██ Humaria
██ Conkera
Placement 5/21
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 9
Days Lasted 37

Ashley Spinelli is a human originating from Recess, and a contestant on Survivor: Pirate Lagoon. She placed 5th.

Survivor: Pirate LagoonEdit

Spinelli's Voting History
Episode Spinelli's
Voted Against
1 Mawile Ineligible
Penner Laurent, Leela,
Ness, Penner, Ryu
Voted Out, Day 3
9 Ness,
Arcee, Jet,
Mawile, Ness, Tanya
Returned, Day 20
9 Laurent -
10 Ryu -
11 BB BB, Cyrax, Jenny,
Littlefoot, Minerva, Monita, Roxanne
Jenny -
12 Monita Individual Immunity
13 Roxanne Used Special
Immunity Idol
14 Tanya -
15 Littlefoot Littlefoot, Minerva,
Monita, Tanya
Voted Out, Day 37
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Spinelli is one of four players to return to the game by other means outside of Redemption Island. The other players to do this are Judith, Angel, and Tanya. She is the only one to not make it to the Final Tribal Council.
  • Spinelli was an option for Survivor: Last Chances, but she failed in both the preliminary and the secondary polls.

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