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Contestant Profile
Series Littlest Pet Shop

Blood vs. Water

Tribes ██ Tadhana
██ Galaxy
Placement 10/20
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 14
Days Lasted 24
"What are we? Magicians? Oh, kinda funny I'd ask that."
— Sunil, Littlest Pet Shop

Sunil Nevla is a mongoose originating from Littlest Pet Shop, and a contestant on Survivor: Blood vs. Water. He placed 10th.

He is known for the being the boyfriend of Survivor: Prison Island contestant Pepper.

Survivor: Blood vs. WaterEdit

Sunil's Voting History
Episode Sunil's
Voted Against
1 Ion -
Tadhana Tribe Immune
2 Gage -
3 Tadhana Tribe Immune
4 Christian -
5 Gage -
6 Kitana -
7 Galang Tribe Immune
8 Katherine Katherine,
Sindel, Will
9 Diddy Daisy, Danielle,
Diddy, Dixie, Lady
Sindel Daisy, Danielle, Dixie,
Lady, Sindel, Will
Voted Out, Day 24
Voted For
Sole Survivor


  • Sunil was originally cast for Survivor: Prison Island, but was cut out in order to make room for more interesting players. He instead became Pepper's loved one, but as a friend. As of the Finale, they are confirmed to be dating.
    • Sunil made a cameo as Pepper's loved one in Survivor: Battle Royale.
  • Sunil, along with Katherine, are the only loved ones from Survivor: Blood vs. Water that appeared as cameos in other seasons before being a player themselves.
  • Sunil came close to making the favorites tribe in Survivor: Yoshi Desert, but did not make the cut overall. He was, however, the alternate for the males in the case a female favorite from Survivor: Singapore was cast instead of Deadpool.
  • Sunil is tied for the most votes cast against for a one time player. The other two being Ace and Ankha.
  • Sunil was nominated for Best Blindside in the second TJ Awards Show, based on his blindside in Episode 9 of Blood vs. Water. He received 20% of the votes.

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