• Dear TJBambi93. I have been working on my own Survivor series. It's a simple introduction to my make of my personal series. And I wonder if I could manage to reach out to you and post my first chapter or episode. I'm not proud of the first one and it's my worst. So if you want a different one just ask me.

    Be 100% honest with your answer if you do want to see it. I don't want any It's garbage you idiot. Or Uhm...It's definitely good. 

    I know you aren't like that, but I want some criticism to make my series of Survivor good enough to actually post of

    I don't want to post onto your site of amazingness. I just want some criticism.

    If I have grammar mistakes, I am not 100% English, but I have a good understanding of it. I really hope you ask for me to send you a paste of my first or other chapters. I hope you enjoy it, and have enough things to say about how I can improve on it. I know you're busy making your new series. But I hope you have enough time to want it. Just message me if interested, or even reply on this comment.

    Last thing. This is not much of a Survivor fanfiction, but a fanfiction based off YOUR survivor. I hope you like it, goodbye.

    Respect from: A small trainee in the fanfic universe.
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    • Ah, sorry for the late response! I've been busy in both writing and in real life, and I have been meaning to get back to you!

      If you're willing to share your stuff with the rest of my community, go right ahead! We'll be fair and balanced as we can, and no hostility or severely harsh criticism! :)

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    • Sorry for the late response from me too! I guess none of us are perfect when it comes to being on time XD

      I thought you weren't going to respond, and I'm glad you did, however I am currently suffering a problem about uploading it currently.

      The problem is the fact that I've written my fanfiction on notepad so far, that doesn't sound bad, but when I tried to upload it onto, the WHOLE layout was screwed over, probably from the fact that in notepad, if you press enter, you go down one line, but in this site and, you go down two lines if you press enter. It's annoying!

      It's crazy seeing somebody you really like speak to you, not on celebrity levels but it's shocking. For now I've scrapped the idea of bringing my fanfiction onto, and this site would ruin the layout too, I'm currently at a standstill, maybe after finishing it (Currently on 7 out of twenty people left, so not too long now.), I could once again try to bring it here, there's nothing I can do for now.

      Thank you for taking your time to respond! 

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    • Wattpad is the site I use. That can possibly work for you.

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    • Guess so. But I did try it. Once I press enter it goes two lines down.

      Like here. Is there no sites I can publish my work to? I'm still looking believe it or not. My work has improved too, but I'm not comfortable to publishing right now anyways. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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