Hello guys, TJBambi93 here with a quick update for you guys. Now for the last several weeks, there hasn't been a new episode of Survivor: The Australian Highlands. Last we left off, Simon Freeman was voted off in a good blindside. I had a good episode planned...

...but of course, writer's block got in the way. The biggest question I asked myself... is what was causing my writer's block?

At first, I thought it was distractions from Fire Emblem Heroes. But at the same time... I was playing that game during Kermadec Islands. So nothing has changed since then.

Then I thought it was because of the latest real Survivor season; Game Changers. While I liked the winner, the season itself was... bleh to say the least. It did put a damper on my mood regarding Survivor... but I still love the game and the show still compared to Big Brother... which has turned into shit.

So... I've come to several conclusions. One, the drought came when my laptop keyboard decided to break and forced me to get used to a USB keyboard for the last several weeks. And two, I think the switch to OCs only was a mistake.

I'm getting more and more used to using a new keyboard for my laptop, but at the same time... but it's been four or so weeks now. Even longer considering the laptop keyboard broke THE DAY AFTER Kermadec Islands finished. So if it's not my computer troubles... it's definitely how I changed the series.

I think I enjoyed writing canon characters over OC characters more often than not. I was able to create some interesting scenarios. Especially in the last few season. It added more creativity to my ability as a writer to make some interesting crossovers that NOBODY asked for!

I think I just tried to push a new agenda to my series and it... just flopped hard to my writing. Kermadec Islands and Australian Highlands have some great characters, don't get me wrong... but I don't know... it's hard to invest in OCs that were created only for one season of Survivor, you know?

So... right now I'm at a point where I don't know what to do. I'm thinking regardless of how Australian Highlands goes at this point... we're returning back to the old format of canon character seasons. We're staying in the second series, time skip and all, but some things will be retconned... and canon characters haven't aged. :P

Thoughts on this, guys? I'm open to feedback here!

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