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Contestant Profile
Series  Tales of Vesperia

Forest Maze

Tribes ██ Volt
██ Sapphire
Placement 4/16
Challenges Won 8
Votes Against 2
Days Lasted 37


Tribes ██ Seashell
Placement 15/20
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 16

Yuri's Statistics

Challenges Won 12
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 53
Prize $ Earned $27,000
"I think there are some things that you have to do, even if they're a crime. Someone has to do them, even if it means taking the blame."
— Yuri, Tales of Vesperia

Yuri Lowell is a human originating from Tales of Vesperia, and a contestant on Survivor: Forest Maze and Survivor: Ultimates. He also appears as a coach on Survivor: Destiny Isles. He placed 4th and 15th respectively.

One of the more calmer members of the Volt tribe, Yuri was known for being level headed, and working to win the game. Both of his eliminations were non-vote related, as he either pulled the purple rock, or got medivac'd.

Survivor: Forest MazeEdit

Yuri's Voting History
Episode Yuri's
Voted Against
1 Barney -
2 Wooldoor -
3 Volt Tribe Immune
4 Volt Tribe Immune
5 Russia Individual Immunity
6 Samara -
7 Presea -
8 Applejack -
9 Zola -
10 Derpy -
11 Judith -
12 Judith -
13 Duck Duck, Judith
Eliminated, Day 37
Voted For
Sole Survivor

Survivor: UltimatesEdit

Yuri's Voting History
Episode Yuri's
Voted Against
1 Ling Ling -
2 Jiro Jiro, S. Tooth
3 Moses Moses,
Raine, Ren
4 Omega Tribe Immune
5 Rustic Tribe Immune
6 No Tribal Council
Removed Due to Illness, Day 16


  • Yuri is the oldest contestant on the Seashell tribe.
  • Yuri took part in every reward during Survivor: Forest Maze.
  • Yuri is one of four medivac'd contestants to never play again following their injury. The other three being Kellam, Peter Sam, and Rayman.
  • Yuti is one of the men who did not move onto the secondary rounds of Survivor: Last Chances voting.
  • Yuri was nominated for Best Male Hero in the first TJ Awards Show. He received 10% of the votes.
  • Yuri, along with his alliance partner Zaeed, was nominated for Best Alliance/Duo in the first TJ Awards Show. They got 6% of the total votes.

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